Introducing EatinGalicia and the kilomEATers

9 Sep

Hello, you can find updated (sort of…) information on EatinGalicia, my personal blog from Up North, and on the kilomEATers, our new web of food and wine related services for visitors in Spain. The latter is still in the works, but hopefully it will be up and running soon.

Thank you!


7 Aug

Sorry for the lack of posting – I moved up North in Santiago de Compostela!

I’m still blogging and tweeting and instagramming and pinning a lot as Annalibera or Panepanna – but Spanish only, sorry! Still, I’m working on a Galician blog – kind of a Galicia for foreigners – so I’ll keep you posted about that.

Meanwhile you can still follow me on…

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Spanish cooking class with Clotilde and Mark

7 Oct


Here are Clotilde and Mark, proud creators of the tortilla de patatas they’re holding in their hands.
Clotilde wanted to surprise Mark with a special present, and was he surprised!


No fish was allowed, so we stuck to a simple Andalusian lunch: Ajoblanco (Almond soup), Garbanzos con espinacas (Chickpeas with spinach) and Tortilla de patata (Potato Omelette).


I’m waiting to hear how the dinner they wanted to cook, back home in London2012, went!


Craft beers and microbreweries – in Seville!

23 Aug

Spain, microbreweries, Spanish beer

Until recently, beer in Seville meant Cruzcampo. But the Craft Beer Movement seems to have taken on in the city, and new shops are opening, dedicated exclusively to beers.

An evergreen is the Cervecería Internacional, where you can taste all sorts of (of course) international beers.

Two new spots I recently discovered are The Great Power of Beer & Wine – a literal translation of the street’s name, if you’re wondering about the funny name – with a few Spanish craft beers and also some interesting Italian wine. The other is Cervezas Taifa, which is a microbrewery that sells its beers in the Triana Market.

Interesting small projects which definitely deserve a visit!

Cervecería Internacional
calle Gamazo, 3
41001 Seville
954 211 717

XXXII The Great Power of Beer & Wine
Jesús del Gran Poder, 32
41003 Seville
955 191 461

Cervezas Taifa
Mercado de Triana

Cooking with… Caroline and Bridget

17 Aug

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Nick Fisher, book, cover

This is the great surprise I found in the mailbox last Tuesday! Caroline and Birdget were at Panepanna’s last June for a two-day class on Andalusian cooking. We got so involved talking about fish – which as you know is quite different depending on the sea you fish from – that when they saw that I was lacking this book (despite Hugh being one of my favourite food writers) they promised me a little something… and here it is! Thank you SO much, it really made me (and Jorge) very happy.

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Around Spain – tripe in Salamanca

14 Aug

tapa, Salamanca, callos

Offal is common in all of Spain: pork but you can find also lamb, chicken or beef. From pig’s ears to lamb’s intestines, you can find all sort of weird dishes all over the paeninsula. Beef tripe is traditional in many regions – the dish you can see in the picture is Callos y Morros, Tripes and Snouts, one of my favourite tapas at Tapas 2.0, an excellent tapas bar off the main Rua in Salamanca (Castilla León). Tasty, rich and a little hot, the texture is soft (but not yucky-soft).

As a curiosity, check out The Guardian’s A to Z guide to offal, and this quite instructive post at Serious Eats about Pig Snout.

Tapas 2.0
Calle de Felipe Espino, 10
closed on Tuesdays

[In my Spanish blogs: in panepanna a simple way to make Greek yoghurt (and more) at home and in annalibera a look at Spanish microbreweries]


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