Around Spain – tripe in Salamanca

14 Aug

tapa, Salamanca, callos

Offal is common in all of Spain: pork but you can find also lamb, chicken or beef. From pig’s ears to lamb’s intestines, you can find all sort of weird dishes all over the paeninsula. Beef tripe is traditional in many regions – the dish you can see in the picture is Callos y Morros, Tripes and Snouts, one of my favourite tapas at Tapas 2.0, an excellent tapas bar off the main Rua in Salamanca (Castilla León). Tasty, rich and a little hot, the texture is soft (but not yucky-soft).

As a curiosity, check out The Guardian’s A to Z guide to offal, and this quite instructive post at Serious Eats about Pig Snout.

Tapas 2.0
Calle de Felipe Espino, 10
closed on Tuesdays

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